You have built and nurtured your wealth and business (the building blocks of your legacy) and want the same to pass onto your children… however as your family grows, ensuring long term survival of this legacy becomes a challenge.

Get integrated solutions that cover the whole gamut of complex relationships in family and business.





Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals develop and customize solutions to protect,
invest, grow and manage your wealth.

Active Listening
Thoughtful listening and well- informed questions have helped us become authentic, trusted advisers. This is why we regard listening and asking insightful questions as a fundamental skill – key to understanding not just what our clients want, but also what they need.

At Eterna, our experts understand that every business is different and one solution doesn’t fit all.


Integrated Approach
and Comprehensive Solutions
Often family dynamics, emotions and family conflict blur the vision of the founder for the family business, causing the business to veer off course.

Eterna’s multi-disciplinary team of family and business advisors adopt a 360° approach to give a comprehensive solution that is practical and implementable.

Responsible Implementation
Eterna’s multi-expertise ensures that we do not focus on the easier part of giving “armchair advice” but take full responsibility for implementation.

We work alongside the promoter and the family and make sure that our solutions are implemented in a time-bound manner to achieve the desired end-results.

All our solutions start with you.
That is why we spend time with you, understanding what you want and what you need, and asking many questions
because the right questions help unlock the ideas that can help your family grow.

Are you interested in a family constitution?

A family constitution can strengthen the "family glue" and help build the relationship between the family and the company (emotional ownership).

Does your family business have well-defined ownership ptotocols?

When the business interest is shared by multiple family members, well-defined ownership protocols help avoid issues and disputes.

Have you planned for sustainability and continuity?

Ensuring financial security to retiring members, continuity of the family's objectives, values and legacy and other special purpose trusts helps in the longevity of the family and its business.

Need expert wealth management partners?

Our "outsourced CIO" services help you set investment objectives for the family, work on asset allocation strategy, create a comprehensive cusutomised investment monitoring dashboard and more to nurture, protect and transmit your family wealth in a very smooth and cost-effective manner.

Do you have an updated estate plan?

Estate planning involves among other things, business re-organisation, innovative structures for liquidity provisioning and overseas trust structures. These plans need to be updated regularly keeping in mind the current and likely future legislative environment & tax implications.

How to you induct partners or plan an IPO?

These changes require multiple skills-from managing family to analysing critical business ideas-it's not a one-man job. Our experienced team can hand-hold you through the entire process because our experts are trained in helping businesses and families corporatize institutionalise the style of management and functioning, analyse key drivers, plan investor relations management and more.